Recently, the peasants are having a lot of problems with a pack of wolves that is attacking their goats. Can you look around and kill some of them so they will move away?
Must have finished The Hills' Smashrooms
This quest requires a minimum of 5 turns
Assigned By
Grandpa Joe

How to complete this quest

  1. Kill 2 Wolves in BrutForce
  2. Kill 2 Wolves at the Fountain of Youth
  3. Kill 2 Wolves in Dinotown
  4. Kill 2 Wolves at the University
  5. Validate the mission at Grandpa Joe's Home



  • The enemies you fight when you enter an area counts for the total. This means that if you fight two wolves when you enter BrutForce, you don't have to spend another day fighting but can move onto the fountain right away.
  • If your Dinoz are traveling in a group you will need to kill 2 wolves per place for each Dinoz. The counter only goes up for one of them at a time.
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