Tournament Organizer

Tournament Organizer

Lets you join the Brutforce Tournament.


Hello Grand Dinoz Master! The Great Tournament of BrutForce is open to all those who want to test their Dinoz against other players. Would you like to register?

  1. Yes, thanks!
    Without Ashpouk Totem: Unfortunately, as it is specified in the internal rules, paragraph 15.48 indent H. Tournament access is only opened to Dinoz who possess an ancient civilization relic. It is the unique condition to participate ... Don't hesitate to come back once your Dinoz has found one. Have a good day and a nice stay in BrutForce!
    With Ashpouk Totem: Oh! I see that your Dinoz has an Ashpouk Totem! Very well, I'll register him and he'll be included on the Tournament fighter list. Have a good day Dinoz Master!
    (Unlocks the Brutforce Tournament)
  2. Hmmm, no thanks ... I need to train my Dinoz
    Very well. No one is forcing you to register - especially if your Dinoz aren't ready to fight against stronger opponents. The Tournament can be very dangerous for ill-prepared Dinoz. Have a good day and enjoy your stay in BrutForce!