Recently we've seen a rise in the trafficking of fake relics from Ashpouk. We need your Dinoz to go to the Big All-Hot and investigate.
Climbing Gear Climbing Gear, completed Police Chase
This quest requires a minimum of 31 steps.
Assigned By 
Madam X

How to complete this quest

  1. Go to Lavapit and speak with The Informer.
  2. Go to the Ashpouk Ruins and Hide. Wait 10 hours and follow Suspects.
  3. Go to the Forges of the Big All-Hot and continue Stalking.
  4. Go to the Tunnel under the Branch and continue Stalking.
  5. Go to the Lavapit and find Suspects. Defeat and Search Suspect Number One. He has between 38-42 Health.
  6. Go to BrutForce and speak with Madam X.
  7. Go to the Ashpouk Ruins and Hide. Wait 5 hours and find the Suspects.
  8. Speak to the Merguez Seller.
  9. Go to the Lavapit and find the Suspects. Defeat the suspects.
  10. Validate the mission at Brutforce.