Shady Man

Shady Man

Market Place, Monster Port
Lets you to buy Treasury Notes for ingredients, Mission Giver (at Monster Port).


At Market Place

Pssss.... pssss!!

  1. Approach the man
    Hey Hey ... you want some notes? some Treasury Notes?
    1. Yes, that can interest me
      Eh eh (cool, a customer) ... I have some you know! Look, they seem to be real! I sell them to you for a good price! Taxes included of course ... I have to feed my seven children, you can understand man....
      1. Take a look
        It's quite expensive. But it looks like that there is no other way to obtain it easily....
        This lets you buy the notes.
  2. Go away
    You were right, it's better to not deal with this kind of man....

At Monster Port

Psssst.... Psssst!

  1. Approach the man
    Do you want to explore Monster Island?
    1. Yes, I do actually!
      Hehe (sweet - another one)... I have a plan, but first I need you to do me a favour....
      1. What can I do for you?
      2. Quest: A Shady Affair

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