Merguez Seller

Merguez Seller

Ashpouk Ruins
Gives you free Goblin Merguez


Oh la la! My merguez are extremely fatty! It was quite an odd idea to come and start selling merguez in such a dark and gloomy place? But those Ruins are absolutely magnificent! I'm certain that one day, millions of tourists will come and visit!

  1. Oh really?
    Yes, that's right! It's a bit like the Acre-o-Poles: my cousin makes a fortune there selling temple-shaped key rings. So I decided I would be the first merchant to set up shop at these magnificient ruins, even though it may take many years for my business to build up. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass me by!
    1. Indeed...
      Take this Merguez. Your Dinoz is far too skinny! This one's on the house, as long as you do me a favour: promise me you'll tell your friends about the Ashpouk Ruins. Tell them all that I sell the best Merguez around. Promise me you won't forget?
      (Your inventory should now be filled with as many Goblin Merguez as you can carry, and you can end the conversation.)
      1. Thanks
        You're welcome, don't forget to tell all your friends!

During the Strange Creature's mission

Oh I see that your Dinoz carry a cloud burger! Did you know that it's not good for your health? Unless if you want your Dinoz to become a Sumo?!?

  1. ...
    Remove this bad Burger and come here instead, to taste my merguez! Take this item as fidelity gift. I found it on the ground!
    1. Ah?
      Great! The merguez seller have entrusted to you one of the seven magic stars!


Set a bookmark to (replace 350203 with your Dinoz's number) and you don't have to listen to him each time, just click it and you jump right into the conversation's part where you get the Goblin Merguez.
So to get your free Goblin Merguez just:

  1. Click the bookmark,
  2. Select a Dinoz without waiting for the conversation.


I believe the "Acre-o-Poles" refers to The Acropolis, in Athens. The Parthenon, an ancient temple dedicated to Athena, stands there (thus the popularity of temple key chains...).

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