Madam X

Madam X

Mission Giver


While you're passing through BrutForce, you come across a woman. She waves and calls you over to her.

  1. Talk to her
    Why, there you are the young Dinoz Master I've been hearing so much about. It seems that Grandpa Joe has been talking about you, saying that you're handling his missions quite well.
    As you seem to be someone we can count on, I'd also like to trust you with a few missions. Of course, you are free to accept, or not!
    1. Missions list
      1. Quest: The Black Briefcase
      2. Quest: The Merchant Traitor
      3. Quest: Police Chase
      4. Quest: Island it's Kool
      5. Quest: The Ashpouk Conspiracy
    2. But who are you?
      Who am I?!?! Ah, tsk-tsk! I'm sorry, my young friend. I have neglected my manners and failed to introduce myself. I am... … ...
      1. You are?
        Well, I can't say. I really do apologize. It's just that - if the wrong people knew that you know who I am, it could get you in trouble! But I want you to know you can trust me, so I will reveal something interesting to you.
        1. Ah?
          Let's see... I suppose that, to this point, you have learned that each skill corresponds to a unique element, one of five possible elements. For example, Wrath corresponds to the Fire element and Perception to the Water element.
          1. Yes!
            But... that's not everything! Some skills exist that are linked to not just one - but two elements! They are called the double-skills. A double-skill can be learned from either of the two elements that it is part of, but needs knowledge of specific skills from each element.
            1. !!!
              I understand your surprise. It's a well-guarded secret. However, to be able to learn these skills you must first master the Double-Skill. It's a secret skill that on the Drag... but I have already said too much!
              1. How to learn it
                Oh it's easy, look, you only need to do "this" and....
                1. (ouch)
                  No ... it's not working ... if it peaks when I'm doing "that" or if your Dinoz hasn't learned the skills allowing you to master the Double-Skill, it won't work. Come back later to try again!