Free as a reward for completing the Kabuki Quest, then 50,000 gold
Starting skill
Starting elements
Elem 0 0, Elem 1 0, Elem 2 1, Elem 3 0, Elem 4 3
Chance to level up
Elem 0 10%, Elem 1 10%, Elem 2 30%, Elem 3 10%, Elem 4 40%
Natives of the Caushemesh mountains, only a few Kakubis can be found in Dinotown Kingdom. People say that a small group of them exist, living isolated on a Southern island. In any case, they are fierce fighters!

Additional information:

Needs to be unlocked, by completing the mission given by Yakuzi. If you want more than one Kabuki, it is possible to pay Yakuzi 50,000 gold coins each for two additional eggs (100,000 in total) after you have finished the mission. You can only get 3 Kabuki eggs from Yakuzi, but it is possible to hold up to 10 eggs by buying them from the Tamer Market (if other players are selling them).


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