DinoParc is a game by french company Motion Twin (the creators of DinoRPG). Both games take place on the same world but in different eras, DinoParc predating DinoRPG by several centuries. According to Professor Igor's dialogue, a huge cataclysm occurred centuries ago when Jazz Island collapsed, creating a massive tidal wave that destroyed most of Dinoland except for some high altitude areas.

Differences between DinoParc and DinoRPG:

DinoParc Fight

DinoParc Combat screen

  • The art style between the two games is very different
  • DinoParc combat is almost entirely Player vs Player. Combat in DinoParc is resolved by a 3 tier elemental based system.
  • Players can only attack once per day, but can be attacked an unlimited amount of times.
  • Upon leveling up, the player may decide how to increase a dino's attributes rather than it being decided by random chance.
  • Digging does not require a shovel, but does require the dino to have the Digging skill which is used to find elements and collectible items. Elements are needed for clan totems which are used to instigate clan wars.
  • If your dino dies and is resurrected without an Angel Potion, it loses all their XP down to the present level instead of 50%.

Dinoz in DinoParc and DinoRPG

DinoParc Name DinoRPG Name
Castivore Castivorous
Gorilloz Gorilloz
Hippoclamp Hippoclamp
Pigmon Softpig
Softy Moueffe
Kabuki Kabuki
Rokky Rocky
Sirain Sirain
Winks Winks
Wanwan Wanwan
Terroz Feross
Korgon Korgon (non-playable enemy)
(does not appear) Cloudoz
(does not appear) Glidwings
(does not appear) Santaz
Cargou (snail-like dino) (does not appear)
Kump (aquatic dino) (does not appear)
Picori (bird-like dino) (does not appear)
Serpentino (snake-like dino) (does not appear)
Wistitis (monkey-like dino) (does not appear)
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