Dian Korgsey

Korgon Camp
Mission Giver


Hey! Don't make any noise. We mustn't disturb the Korgons!

  1. Korgons?
    Yeah, Korgons live here. They're nasty little monsters, we must keep an eye on them at all times! Make sure you never look directly into their eyes and if one of them comes too close, give him a piece of wood to nibble, that should calm him down.
    1. We can't look at them?
      They'll be offended! You can imagine what would happen if all the Korgons from the camp think you have offended them....The last person who made that mistake ended up as Korgon dinner!
    2. They eat wood?
      They love it! That's why they live in the Grumhel Forest. Fascinating, isn't it? But unfortunately for us, they can eat anything and everything, clueless travellers included.'
      A long time ago, I think Korgons were domesticated. Probably long before Jazz Island collapsed .... But today, they have reverted to their wild state! There is no way to approach them without the risk of losing an arm. Some tamers have tried, but nobody has got further than being bitten by them.
      1. It's really fascinating!
        Isn't it! I'm happy to see that you're so interested in the Korgons! If you're really interested, would you mind doing some favours for me?
        1. Yes, with pleasure!
          Perfect! Here's what you can do for me....
          1. Check missions list
            1. Quest: Like a Korgon To Water
            2. Quest: Northern Korgons, Southern Korgons
            3. Quest: Wood Steak
            4. Quest: Korgon Rivalry
  2. Oh ok, I'll keep quiet.
    Ok, bon voyage!
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