In DinoRPG you will encounter a few NPCs who will give you missions. Most of these missions are easy to complete, with clear guidelines of what to do, while others make you wish you could read the solution somewhere. Find your mission in the lists below and click it to read the solutions.

A general rule on Dinorpg Wiki is that you can only have one mission at a time, while it is possible to do all the quests without this limitation. If you have accepted the Birthday Present mission, for example, it is still possible to advance step by step in the Alien Quest and the Kabuki Quest at the same time, but you will have to either cancel or finish the Birthday Present mission before you can accept other missions.

Missions from Grandpa Joe

  1. Fresh Fish
  2. The Lost Dog
  3. The Hills' Smashrooms
  4. Wolf Hunting
  5. The Rose Bush in danger
  6. The Recipe Book
  7. The Stamps
  8. The Confidential Letter
  9. A Strange Monster
  10. The Giants
  11. The Month Exploit

Quests from Professor Eugene

These quest can be performed while doing other quests and missions.

  1. Buoy Swimming
  2. Climbing

Missions from Madam X

  1. The Black Briefcase
  2. The Merchant Traitor
  3. Police Chase
  4. Island it's Kool
  5. The Ashpouk Conspiracy

Missions from Strange Prowler

  1. The Amnesiac Rice
  2. The Dark Dinoz

Missions from Soft Shaman

  1. The Testing Ordeal
  2. The Archelionscarer
  3. Fire!
  4. The Crazy Barbecue
  5. Quarrel
  6. Defend The Forges
  7. The Disappearing Package
  8. (Un)Fair Trade
  9. Ridiculous Ritual
  10. Hieroglyphics
  11. Carrier Pigeon

Missions from Elemental Master

  1. The Master's Shopping
  2. Lesson 1 - Lightning
  3. Lesson 2 - Fire
  4. Lesson 3 - Wood
  5. Lesson 4 - Air
  6. Lesson 5 - Water

Missions from Mr Bao Bob

  1. Birthday Present
  2. Barter in the Altanteid Islands
  3. Kazkadine Hunt
  4. Eeloz with vinegar
  5. The Huge Hunt
  6. The Sardine Rally
  7. The Fishes Rally
  8. The Sharks Rally
  9. The Whales Rally
  10. The Dinoland Tour

Missions from Skully

  1. Prologue
  2. On Moulder's Trail
  3. Miss Bao
  4. The Annoying Tourists
  5. Napalm Shrimp
  6. The Reunion

Missions from Nicolas Mulot

  1. The Perilous Road
  2. Allergies
  3. Cartography
  4. Remedy
  5. Adventurer's Kit

Missions from Dian Korgsey

  1. Like a Korgon To Water
  2. Northern Korgons, Southern Korgons
  3. Wood Steak
  4. Korgon Rivalry

Missions from Forest Warden

  1. The Forest Warden
  2. The Green Thumb
  3. Right to cut
  4. The King of the Jungle
  5. Make a Wish
  6. A Jack For The Forest
  7. Monkey Money

Quests from Strange Creature

This quest can be performed while doing other quests and missions.

  1. Alien Quest

Quests from Strange Man

This quest can be performed while doing other quests and missions.

  1. Kabuki mission

Quests from Anna Tomie

This quest can be performed while doing other quests and missions.

  1. Find the Clinic

Missions from Anna Tomie

  1. First Prescription
  2. Mushroom Medicine
  3. Bizarre Biotherapy
  4. Nasty Neighbours
  5. Monster Invasion
  6. First Aid
  7. Curiosity Killed The Cat

Missions from the Request Office

  1. Secure The Road
  2. Western Caravan
  3. Zest of Scorpwink
  4. Secure The Crossroads
  5. The Greedy Thief
  6. Dewormer
  7. Wanted: Sahalami The Slicer
  8. Wanted: Trip The Wimp
  9. Wanted: Boukanee The Immortal
  10. Wanted: Cervelah The Poisoner
  11. A Mysterious Pendant

Missions from the Shady Man

  1. A Shady Affair

Strategy guides

The order in which you finish these missions will affect your success in the game. Several players have created guides throughout the existance of the game, in order to help other players be as successful as possible. Because all of these guides are written from personal experience and from a personal point of view, there is no guarantee that any of them describe the ultimate way of playing the game. Make sure to follow them as suggestions.

The guides currently available on Dinorpg Wiki are:


We are aware that not all information is available on Dinorpg Wiki at the moment. Until we have everything, feel free to browse these references as they are considered reliable sources for mission information.

If you can verify that the information you find on these websites is correct, please come back and help us improve this wiki even further by adding the verified information.

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